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There are different types of marine lifts for boats, pontoons, jet skis, and other watercraft. Choosing your boat lift doesn't have to be complicated.

We are happy to collaborate with you to design a boat lift setup which meets your needs.  We will assist you in selecting the correct lift which safely supports your craft; and make sure that there is minimum affect to an existing boat dock or mooring environment. 


We are very proud of our craftsmanship, work history and portfolio. Our greatest pride is providing satisfaction to every single one of our customers.  We are confident that you will hear genuine reports for our  professionalism, product knowledge, helpfulness, and promptness.


Please check our references, we are confident you will select Above Board Marine Construction LLC. as your Boat Lift Installer.

Deco is the "preferred" Boat Lift Manufacturer that we install in most projects

Our experience has largely led us to Deco Boat Lifts as the brand that is superior for local Florida waters.  In this part of Florida Boat Lifts must meet certain criteria for longevity, ease of use, convenience, and minimum maintenance, we have found that Deco Boat Lifts are really the best solution for any type of boat lift.

We install three standard lines of Deco Boat Lifts: 


The entry level Maxi Lift - An affordable and dependable product, made with top quality marine grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

The signature Deco Lift  - Equipped with a DECO sealed Gearbox System and manufactured using superior aluminum box-beam construction. 

The top of the line Concept CRS - Deco's premier All-In-One standard in lift technology. equipped with the DECO sealed Gearbox and a Concept Direct Drive Gearbox . It includes their superior aluminum box-beam construction and DECO’s Patented Cable Retention System (CRS), making it fast, quiet, and maintenance-free.


Offering a full range of products allows us to fit the budget and specific needs of virtually any boater. 


To visit Deco's website and different styles of Boat Lifts, click


Deco Boat Lift Example

Examples of three types of Deco Boat Lifts

Maxi Boat Lift Example

Concept Boat Lift Example

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