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In South West Florida most boat docks are built in a similar manner as traditional land based decks. They have the same beams, joists and decking, as well as weight distribution. We will build you a boat dock that can complement any requirement or desire you have and serve functionally for the years to come.

We would be happy to meet with you at your property to discuss your dock and project needs  We will explain the design and permitting process and prepare a quotation for the work to be completed. We handle coordination with local agencies to ensure your project moves along.

Above Board Marine is your licensed and insured dock builder in Englewood, Boca Grande, Cape Haze, Rotonda, South Gulf Cove, Gulf Cove, Placida, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte. We build custom decks and docks to your specifications.



Let us build a perfect boat dock for you!

Dock project from start to finish

Nautical landscaping.jpg

We also specialize in Nautical Landscaping, tying together features on your dock to other areas on your property. 

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